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About us

The company Franck Henrik and Sons was founded in 1822. Its coffee brewers were well received in the countries of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, such as Hungary. In 1911, after Kassa, Budapest and Nagykanizsa in Mosonszentjános,  a chicory processing and coffee substitute factory was opened.

This Hanság area experienced economic development thanks to the factory’s construction and the spread of the new plant, chicory.

The period between the two world wars was a boom period, as replacement coffee was cheaper than bean coffee and interest in it increased. The wartime boom further boosted demand.

The factory survived the Second World War intact. The names of the products made then, such as Káró, Enriló and Szent István coffee beans, still ring a bell today. After the nationalisation of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry in 1949, it was incorporated into the Hungarian Confectionery Industry Corporation as a factory of the Budapest Zamat and Waffle Factory. From 1950 to 1956, the factory was only engaged in chicory grinding, as the machinery for coffee production was dismantled and transferred to Budapest.

When the Hungarian Confectionery Company was reorganised in 1971, the factory was attached to the Győr Biscuits and Wafers Factory. The product list was significantly expanded: in addition to 12 types of coffee substitutes, another 44 types of confectionery products were produced, e.g. tea flavourings, cream powders, sweets, roasted hazelnuts. In 1991, during the privatisation process following the change of regime, it was taken over by United Biscuits together with the Győr Biscuits and Wafers Factory. After several years of deliberation, the British owner decided to sell the factory, which did not fit its profile. In 1994, the company was taken over by the Hungarian-Swiss ownership and operates under the name MULTI-CIKÓRIA Ltd. From the summer of 2021, the company is 100% Hungarian-owned.

Its activities are still based on traditional chicory processing and replacement coffee production, which is unique in Hungary. It is constantly improving its products to meet the highest level of customer satisfaction.